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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

What is hypertension?

A research said approximately 50 million American inhabitants contracted hypertension. Around 70% from this population knew his diagnosis, and from 70% of 50% that carried out medical treatment, and from 50% this population of 25% that was controlled good. Must be learnt that hypertension will increase in accordance with the age increase, so as this must be guarded against.

Hypertension was divided into 2 classifications:

1. Essential hypertension. This cause was not known. Onset was begun in the age 25-55 years. This hypertension was the most cause of whole hypertension, approximately 95%.

2. Secondary hypertension happened especially in the young age without the history of the hypertension family. This hypertension could be also encountered suddenly in the age more than 50 years. Secondary hypertension could also happen because of hypertension with control that originally good but afterwards became immune to medical treatment. Secondary hypertension could be caused because of the use of estrogen (contraceptive pills), the kidney illness, also could happen in pregnancy.

Several matters that could influence blood pressure are sodium intake (salt), genetic factor, hormonal and obesity.

According to JNC VII, classification of hypertension was as follows:- Normal: <120>

- Stage Hypertension 1: 140-159/ 90-99

- Stage Hypertension 2: > =160/ > =100

Several matters that must be known about hypertension, that based on JNC VII was:

1. A person who was more than 50 years old, with systole blood pressure more than 140 mmHg had the risk of the illness kardiovaskuler that was more important than blood pressure diastol him.

2. The risk of the illness kardiovaskuler was begun from blood pressure of 110/75 mmHg, and will increase by each rise in 20/10 mmHg. A person with normal blood pressure in the age 55 years had the risk of the hypertension expansion totalling 90%.

3. A person with systole blood pressure 120 as far as 139 mmHg or diastole 80-89 mmHg was the prehypertension situation and needed the modification of the lifestyle to prevent the occurrence of the illness kardiovaskuler.

4. The type diuretic thiazide better be used in medical treatment to the hypertension patient without the complication.

5. Most patients needed 2 medicines antihipertensi or more to achieve blood pressure that was wanted in medical treatment (140/90, or 130/80 mmHg for the patient with diabetes and the chronic kidney illness).

6. If blood pressure more than 20/10 mmHg on the blood pressure target, better be given by therapy with 2 medicine sorts, one of them was diuretic the type thiazide.

7. Most effective therapy was if the patient was motivated in controlling his hypertension. Connected hypertension was tight to the illness kardiovaskuler, because of hypertension was factor the risk of the major in the development of the illness kardiovaskuler.

Several factor the other major in the illness kardiovaskuler was smoked, obesity/obesity, the physical activity that not all that, dislipidemia, and diabetes mellitus. The illness kardiovaskuler this could cause damage of the organ target, among them could cause failed the heart, stroke, the illness of the peripheral artery and retinopati! Therefore, hypertension was the situation that immediately must be improved, in order to prevents this damage of the organ target.

Several simple actions that could be carried out by us to prevent or handle hypertension were as follows:

1. Consumption of food that was rich in the fruit, vegetables and the low milk product fat.

2. Restrict the use of kitchen salt. The requirement for our body would salt around 3 gram per the day, or approximately totalling ½ the spoon the.

3. Carry out the physical activity in a competing manner. At least walked for 30 minutes each day.

4. Restrict consumption alcohol. If this action has been carried out by us but the hypertension situation did not improve, then consultations and medical treatment to the doctor were the exact action.

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