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Friday, 30 January 2009

Say cheese

Cheese is one of milk processing results which produce by casein in milk and skim milk. Cheese contains high fat (72%), protein (26%), calcium and phosphor. The advantage of cheese is protein, calcium and phosphor level. But the bad is the high fat containing.

Some researches tell us that various cheeses (mozzarella, cheddar) could help us to prevent dent caries. The mechanism is caused by the calcium and phosphor which protect teeth enamel. In addition, cheese could increase saliva, so it can clean teeth from acid and sugar. Cheese has anti bacterial effect to prevent dent caries.

Cheese can make us sleep well because it has tryptophan and amino acid that can decrease our stress level. But cheese contains opiate which can trigger aggressive characteristic and hyperactive for the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) child.

Some studies tell us that cheese can make side effects like allergy, headache, rash, and increasing blood pressure.

If we like to eat cheese, be careful about the high fat level and the side effects. Except of these, let’s say “chese”.

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