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Friday, 16 January 2009


Soft drink is the drink that containing water, sweetener, acid (citrate/ phosphor), etc. This drink is so popular and consumed by every part of people. But, do you know that soft drink have many effects for our health?

Some effects that can be appeared in our body are:

1. Dent caries. Soft drink can damage the surface of our teeth. It may be because of the ingredients of sugar or acidity (pH). It usually happen in children.

2. Obesity. The experimental tell us that soft drink can make us overweight and it have correlation with metabolic syndrome. More soft drink we take, higher the stage of obesity. Obesity is the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Drink a glass soft drink can increase the risk of diabetes about 85%.

3. Osteoporosis. Soft drinks have low calcium that can influence the onset of osteoporosis, especially on woman. If we take the soft drink often, it can decrease the possibility to drink milk everyday.

4. Kidney stone

5. Heart disease. The causes of heart disease are high fat diet, smoking, sedentary life style, high sugar diet.

6. The effect of addicting agent that added to this drink.

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