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Thursday, 26 February 2009


Bowel habit could be vary, some twice a day, but other twice a week. Most of us have routinely habit. But, some other people have problem in it, constipation. It because of low fiber diet, less drink, inactive life style, and neglect it. The symptoms are puffed up, nausea and cramps in stomach.

These tips maybe could help us:
1. Consuming laxative food, ex. prune. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast. Drink water more while breakfast could stimulate intestine.
2. Drink minimal 8 glass of water or juice per day. Stop tea, coffee, sugar and coke that make you dehydration.
3. Do some physical exercise, 20-30 minutes, like jogging, bike, swimming as activities to stimulate gastro intestinal tract.
4. If those couldn’t help, try to use fiber supplement.
5. In serious condition, use laxative stimulant.


Sometimes, men are difficult to keep the erection. It is usually because of stress, tired, alcohol, and some diseases. Temporal impotent is not a big problem if they still can erection on masturbation or wake up with erection. Impotent in long period could be happens in diabetes, blood circulation disturbance, and consuming diuretic and antidepressant drugs.

The things you can do are:
1. Don’t judge yourself. If you are stress or tired because of finance, work, or disease problem, manage them first.
2. Tell it with your partner. Talk about your anxiety and try another variety of sexual intercourse to reduce your anxiety.
3. Do some breathing exercise and muscle relaxation.
4. Reduce alcohol, better if we stop it.
5. Stop smoking. Men with smoking habit have erection risk twice than none.

Practical technique you can do to decrease your sexual anxiety is to be relax with your partner, some foreplay like flatter and touch (without touching sex organ) can help.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Help! I’m forgetful.

Most of us, sometimes, are forgetful. This condition could happens because of depression, stress, thyroid disturbance, alcohol consume, drugs, or lack of sleep. In many cases, memories could better again after the causes healed.

These are some tips that could help us to solve that condition:
1. Sleep well at the night, physical exercises routinely, include eat fresh fruit (orange), cereal, vegetable, and beans.
2. Don’t confusing your memory problem. Anxiety and unconfident will make it worse. Organize yourself.
3. Exercising your brain with some quiz. Reading book or newspaper would be better than watching television.
4. Make your own notes in calendar, diary and bring those. Put your important things, ex. Keys and glasses in their place.
5. Don’t drink too much or use narcotics.
6. Examine your visual sight and hearing.

If there are some other symptoms, like confuse, intelligent decrease, or personality changes, it may be symptoms of dementia.

Common cold

Common cold is the communicable disease that could be happens and epidemic in winter. It caused by viral and contaminate people when coughing, and direct contact with infectious people. In 24-48 hours after infection, we suddenly have fever, cough, headache, stiff, tired, eye and sore inflammation.
Things that we can do:
1. Take a rest for a few days. Avoid unnecessary activities.
2. Drink water and juice more. If we don’t want to eat, eat some nutritional food, like soup.
3. Use some drugs to decrease the stiffness and pain, like parasetamol or ibuprofen.
4. To make our respiration tract free from mucous, we could inhale steam.
5. Hot drink could help us to decrease sore inflammation. We can try to make drink from honey and lemonade.
6. Don’t smoking and don’t let other people smoking beside us.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Does tea absorb fat we eat?

Tea doesn’t make us thin, in fact, it could make us anemia.

It happens because tannin in tea will absorb Fe and other mineral on food, not fat.

Tea could inhibit Fe absorption in our body until 80%. It should be better if we take some spare time (min. 2 hours) to drink tea. It means we give the chance to our intestine to absorb our food before.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thin Hair and Hair Fall

Hair fall could be happens in stress condition or after sickness. Hair fall happens because of hereditary factor, and usually in man that caused alopecia, but woman can be carrier and caused thin hair.

To prevent this, we should following these:
1. Bad diet could cause hair fall. Take more protein and iron on your diet.
2. Avoid coloring, straightening and the other things that use chemical substance on your hair.
3. Don’t use the hat continuously.
4. Let your hair dry without hair dryer. Be natural.
5. Short hair can make our hair looks thick.
6. Minoxidil could help your hair grow maturely.