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Thursday, 22 January 2009


The coronary heart disease was the illness where the coronary artery blood circulation could not satisfy the requirement of the heart muscle. This illness occupied the first place as the cause of the death in some countries. This illness was begun from the existence of the risk factor. Some of this risk factor are hyperlipidemic, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and smoked. Several risk factors that caused the occurrence atherosclerosis, that someday will cause the occurrence plaque to blood vessels and enabled the occurrence rupture from plaque this also caused the formation thrombus. If thrombus was unstable, it will cause the occurrence clog to the coronary artery and then the requirement of the heart muscle was not fulfilled.

The development of atherosclerosis became the heart disease in fact was the long process but progressive.
The risk factor of the coronary heart disease:
- Smoking
- Hypertension
- diabetes mellitus
- Hyperlipidemic
- Genetic
- Stress
- Obesity
- Inflammation
- Hiperurikemic
- Hiperhomocysteinemic
Some of the risk factors could be modified, that is by stopping the smoked habit, dealt hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, hyperlipidemic, hyperhomocysteinemic, inflammation and hyperurikemic. The risk factor that could not be modified is the genetic characteristics of our family history.
The manifestation of this coronary heart disease are various. There were those who did not show the sign (asimptomatic), became the angina pectoris stable, the angina pectoris unstable, acute miocard infarct, or even also could result in the sudden death. In the coronary heart disease that did not show the sign, the sufferer did not feel the existence of the complaint. His illness was found by chance in the inspection of EKG. This condition was found in 4% the population. The manifestation of the coronary heart disease that most important was the occurrence of acute miocard infarct. The death because of this situation happened in time that was not too long after the sign emergence. Acute miocard infarct happened because there is not enough supply blood resulting from the clot in the coronary artery. Its sign are chest pain that crept into the neck, the jaw, the left upper shoulder, the left arms interior until the finger, that the length more than 20 minutes. The sufferer sweated cold, and this pain was not lost by resting. The feeling of this pain was often depicted like the feeling burnt, or as being stabbed.
Of course if beginning to the sign happen like above, needed the adequate handling from the person who was competent in this field. Some medicine that used are antiplatelet, the nitrate, beta blocker, ACE inhibitor, statin and thrombolitic. The complication that could happen was aritmhyc of the heart beat, left ventricle dysfunction, hypotension and pericarditis.
Because of the danger that was caused by this illness, definitely we must prevent it early. These are the things we can do to prevent this disease:
1. Stop smoking. Indeed was the matter that was difficult for it user, but remembered, like that was known by us together, “smoking could cause cancer, the HEART ATTACK, impotence, and the disturbance of pregnancy and fetal”.
2. Arrange the healthy pattern of eating. Food that often contained fat could increase the risk factor of the coronary heart disease that is hyperlipidemic.
3. Prevent the risk factor that could cause the heart disease. The example, hypertension, was prevented by us with sport and limiting input of sodium/salt each day.
4. Avoid stress that was abundant or was protracted because, that could also become the risk factor of the disease.

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