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Friday, 30 January 2009

Viagra Vs Vegetable

Now, we know that Viagra is used to manage impotent. The causes of impotent are various, but the most is from our food.

Consume meat, instant food and fast food can increase cholesterol level. It makes our body fat, and also can cause prostatic cancer and diabetes. One of the side effects of those diseases is impotent.

To prevent that thing, vegetables can be a solution. By consuming vegetable (consuming fast or instant food less), we could prevent the increasing level of the cholesterol, so we could avoid impotent.

Say cheese

Cheese is one of milk processing results which produce by casein in milk and skim milk. Cheese contains high fat (72%), protein (26%), calcium and phosphor. The advantage of cheese is protein, calcium and phosphor level. But the bad is the high fat containing.

Some researches tell us that various cheeses (mozzarella, cheddar) could help us to prevent dent caries. The mechanism is caused by the calcium and phosphor which protect teeth enamel. In addition, cheese could increase saliva, so it can clean teeth from acid and sugar. Cheese has anti bacterial effect to prevent dent caries.

Cheese can make us sleep well because it has tryptophan and amino acid that can decrease our stress level. But cheese contains opiate which can trigger aggressive characteristic and hyperactive for the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) child.

Some studies tell us that cheese can make side effects like allergy, headache, rash, and increasing blood pressure.

If we like to eat cheese, be careful about the high fat level and the side effects. Except of these, let’s say “chese”.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Let’s Drink

If our body isn’t sweating, that doesn’t mean that we don’t need to drink. For example, if we working at the office that using AC (Air Conditioner).
Some facts that we should know are:
1. Lack of 2% water in body caused thirsty and dry lip.
2. Lack of 4% - 6% body fluid caused headache, dizzy, and weakness. 3. Lack of 12% body fluid makes us difficult to masticate.
4. More than 15% until 25% can cause die.
Body fluid isn’t only from the water. It also comes from fruits and vegetables. So, don’t be lazy to complete our body fluid. Let’s drink!


Some people say that thirsty is the sign of dehydration. But in the fact, thirsty is not the same as dehydration. Thirsty is the body sign to tell us that our body lack of fluid. If there is no action of this condition, it can cause dehydration of our body.

Fluid is not just water. Consuming tea, coffee, and the other drink can be source of fluid for our body. But water is better because there is no sugar on it.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Be careful: Roasted food can cause cancer

Research has found that there are two compounds in roasted food that can cause cancer. There are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) and heterocyclic amine (HCA). PAH is formed in the smoke and found at the surface of the meat. It is can be eliminated by shave off.

HCA is found in the meat. HCA is caused by high temperature process or in the fried food.

To minimize the cancer risk, we can follow this step:
1. Submerged the meat before.
2. Cook it before roast.
3. Roast the meat by placed it front and back.
4. Don’t roast it direct from the charcoal.
5. Decrease to roast it in the smoke, by not using the cover (to close the roasted meat).
6. Eliminate the surface of black roasted meat.


Fresh slice cucumber may be could help your swollen eyes. But, there is no special ingredient which could decrease the swollen eyes.

Cucumber containing 90% water and the cooler effect may be take part on vasoconstriction under the eyes. That’s why our swollen eyes is getting better.

The other ways to manage the swollen eyes are cold tea water compressing. The tanat acid in the tea could decrease the swollen.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Does vitamin C make us lives long?

Vitamin C and E, which often said as antioxidant vitamins, are believed could prevent cell damage on human. They can decrease the risk of some chronic diseases, ex. hypertension, stroke and asthma. Many studies have tried to proof these, but without satisfaction results.

The side effect of vitamin C is low (diarrhea, feel sick), so it is good if we take our vitamin C higher.

The wise thing to make our live long is change our lifestyle. Keep our body health by eat some healthy food (enough of fruits and vegetables), fitness routinely and stop our bad habits like smoking.

Thursday, 22 January 2009


Dinner or eat at night not always identical with fat. Food that we ate at night, actually, heap on our body because they were not used with activity. That reason can caused our body fat. But we should notice about energy that we need at night.

To keep our body weight, we need to balance input calories and output energy. If we have some heavy work (need extra energy), it is fine to eat at night.


The coronary heart disease was the illness where the coronary artery blood circulation could not satisfy the requirement of the heart muscle. This illness occupied the first place as the cause of the death in some countries. This illness was begun from the existence of the risk factor. Some of this risk factor are hyperlipidemic, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and smoked. Several risk factors that caused the occurrence atherosclerosis, that someday will cause the occurrence plaque to blood vessels and enabled the occurrence rupture from plaque this also caused the formation thrombus. If thrombus was unstable, it will cause the occurrence clog to the coronary artery and then the requirement of the heart muscle was not fulfilled.

The development of atherosclerosis became the heart disease in fact was the long process but progressive.
The risk factor of the coronary heart disease:
- Smoking
- Hypertension
- diabetes mellitus
- Hyperlipidemic
- Genetic
- Stress
- Obesity
- Inflammation
- Hiperurikemic
- Hiperhomocysteinemic
Some of the risk factors could be modified, that is by stopping the smoked habit, dealt hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, hyperlipidemic, hyperhomocysteinemic, inflammation and hyperurikemic. The risk factor that could not be modified is the genetic characteristics of our family history.
The manifestation of this coronary heart disease are various. There were those who did not show the sign (asimptomatic), became the angina pectoris stable, the angina pectoris unstable, acute miocard infarct, or even also could result in the sudden death. In the coronary heart disease that did not show the sign, the sufferer did not feel the existence of the complaint. His illness was found by chance in the inspection of EKG. This condition was found in 4% the population. The manifestation of the coronary heart disease that most important was the occurrence of acute miocard infarct. The death because of this situation happened in time that was not too long after the sign emergence. Acute miocard infarct happened because there is not enough supply blood resulting from the clot in the coronary artery. Its sign are chest pain that crept into the neck, the jaw, the left upper shoulder, the left arms interior until the finger, that the length more than 20 minutes. The sufferer sweated cold, and this pain was not lost by resting. The feeling of this pain was often depicted like the feeling burnt, or as being stabbed.
Of course if beginning to the sign happen like above, needed the adequate handling from the person who was competent in this field. Some medicine that used are antiplatelet, the nitrate, beta blocker, ACE inhibitor, statin and thrombolitic. The complication that could happen was aritmhyc of the heart beat, left ventricle dysfunction, hypotension and pericarditis.
Because of the danger that was caused by this illness, definitely we must prevent it early. These are the things we can do to prevent this disease:
1. Stop smoking. Indeed was the matter that was difficult for it user, but remembered, like that was known by us together, “smoking could cause cancer, the HEART ATTACK, impotence, and the disturbance of pregnancy and fetal”.
2. Arrange the healthy pattern of eating. Food that often contained fat could increase the risk factor of the coronary heart disease that is hyperlipidemic.
3. Prevent the risk factor that could cause the heart disease. The example, hypertension, was prevented by us with sport and limiting input of sodium/salt each day.
4. Avoid stress that was abundant or was protracted because, that could also become the risk factor of the disease.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


“We may free of worry, because chocolate and sweet food have no correlation with acne”? That is wrong statement!

A research from Australia said that chocolate, sugar, ice cream are some food that can stimulate appearance of acnes. This solution is easy. We need to change that snacks with snack that rich with fiber, and carbohydrate like pasta or fruits.

Do you want your face free from acnes absolutely? Don’t forget to clean your face routine. If the hormones take part, we can’t avoid it 100%.


We have heard that deodorant we use could be the cause of breast cancer. People tell that it is happen because the antiperspirant in deodorant inhibits the outflow of our sweat, and someday it will become toxic.

In the fact, there is no experimental that proof this thing. Researcher from Australian National Breast Cancer tells us, that there is no evidence to support this pronouncement.


We are no need to avoid fast food every time. We can consume it if we know the manner.If we eat fast food, we need to eat the vegetables include, because they are not only decorate our food.

For example, if we eat some burger, eat the tomato and lettuce with it. Lycopene in tomato is useful for our body as an antioxidant that can against the cancer, heart attack, and diabetes. For our healthy, we can drink juice better than coke. Also order salad without dressing to complete our nutrition with fiber and mineral.

What is hypertension?

A research said approximately 50 million American inhabitants contracted hypertension. Around 70% from this population knew his diagnosis, and from 70% of 50% that carried out medical treatment, and from 50% this population of 25% that was controlled good. Must be learnt that hypertension will increase in accordance with the age increase, so as this must be guarded against.

Hypertension was divided into 2 classifications:

1. Essential hypertension. This cause was not known. Onset was begun in the age 25-55 years. This hypertension was the most cause of whole hypertension, approximately 95%.

2. Secondary hypertension happened especially in the young age without the history of the hypertension family. This hypertension could be also encountered suddenly in the age more than 50 years. Secondary hypertension could also happen because of hypertension with control that originally good but afterwards became immune to medical treatment. Secondary hypertension could be caused because of the use of estrogen (contraceptive pills), the kidney illness, also could happen in pregnancy.

Several matters that could influence blood pressure are sodium intake (salt), genetic factor, hormonal and obesity.

According to JNC VII, classification of hypertension was as follows:- Normal: <120>

- Stage Hypertension 1: 140-159/ 90-99

- Stage Hypertension 2: > =160/ > =100

Several matters that must be known about hypertension, that based on JNC VII was:

1. A person who was more than 50 years old, with systole blood pressure more than 140 mmHg had the risk of the illness kardiovaskuler that was more important than blood pressure diastol him.

2. The risk of the illness kardiovaskuler was begun from blood pressure of 110/75 mmHg, and will increase by each rise in 20/10 mmHg. A person with normal blood pressure in the age 55 years had the risk of the hypertension expansion totalling 90%.

3. A person with systole blood pressure 120 as far as 139 mmHg or diastole 80-89 mmHg was the prehypertension situation and needed the modification of the lifestyle to prevent the occurrence of the illness kardiovaskuler.

4. The type diuretic thiazide better be used in medical treatment to the hypertension patient without the complication.

5. Most patients needed 2 medicines antihipertensi or more to achieve blood pressure that was wanted in medical treatment (140/90, or 130/80 mmHg for the patient with diabetes and the chronic kidney illness).

6. If blood pressure more than 20/10 mmHg on the blood pressure target, better be given by therapy with 2 medicine sorts, one of them was diuretic the type thiazide.

7. Most effective therapy was if the patient was motivated in controlling his hypertension. Connected hypertension was tight to the illness kardiovaskuler, because of hypertension was factor the risk of the major in the development of the illness kardiovaskuler.

Several factor the other major in the illness kardiovaskuler was smoked, obesity/obesity, the physical activity that not all that, dislipidemia, and diabetes mellitus. The illness kardiovaskuler this could cause damage of the organ target, among them could cause failed the heart, stroke, the illness of the peripheral artery and retinopati! Therefore, hypertension was the situation that immediately must be improved, in order to prevents this damage of the organ target.

Several simple actions that could be carried out by us to prevent or handle hypertension were as follows:

1. Consumption of food that was rich in the fruit, vegetables and the low milk product fat.

2. Restrict the use of kitchen salt. The requirement for our body would salt around 3 gram per the day, or approximately totalling ½ the spoon the.

3. Carry out the physical activity in a competing manner. At least walked for 30 minutes each day.

4. Restrict consumption alcohol. If this action has been carried out by us but the hypertension situation did not improve, then consultations and medical treatment to the doctor were the exact action.


MSG (mono sodium glutamate) is salt from natrium and glutamate acid. Glutamate is natural amino acid that is found in many foods which have high protein.

MSG is used to make our food tastier in many China restaurants.MSG allergy could cause these following sign:

1. Burnt feeling in back of the neck, upper extremity and chest.

2. Chest pain

3. Headache

4. Dyspnoe

Except of that condition, researchers tell us that MSG safe for almost people.


Tomato is the vegetable that known have many vital nutrient. There are many variety of tomato, some of them are cherry tomato, yellow tomato, etc.
Tomatoes are the vegetables that have low calories, low fat, and the source of vitamin A, C, and K. They also contain potassium that could control blood pressure and nerve function.

This vegetable contains lycopene, the pigment that give color for them. Lycopene is an strong antioxidant, it often connected with decrease of some cancer risk, ant the other disease. Cooked tomato contains more lycopene than fresh tomato. Lycopene is dissolved in fat, that is the reason why we should add olive oil in spaghetti sauce (it is for helping the absorption the carotene).

Tomato is good for your body, especially:
1. Prevent some cancer, like colon cancer, prostate cancer, pancreas cancer, etc.
2. Tomato is the source of vitamin K which can activate osteocalcin to mineralize our bone.
3. They decrease the risk factor of heart disease by their function to decrease total cholesterol and LDL (low density lipoprotein).

So, consume tomato! It is good for your health.

Monday, 19 January 2009


The news that comes from WHO told us that in the 2030, there will be 27 million cases of lung cancer. The countries that have this disease almost are China, India and Russian.

The first cause of this disease is tobacco. Now, there are 1.3 million smokers and, there were 100 millions people killed by smoked this century.

What are the other carcinogenic substances? They are high fat foods and the less of physical activity. We, that know this fact, let’s make a change.


Food was one of the causes of the allergy that was received in the community. The allergic situation personally more often was found in children's period, but a small part could be found to the mature population.
Not all the reactions of food that was not wanted by us were food allergy, but sometimes the reaction of food may happen. The reaction of this food could take the form of the toxic reaction, for example food poisoning in meat that was contaminated, or the toxic reaction. The food allergy was the abnormal response to food because of the immune reaction. This food allergy could manifest to one or several target organs, such as:- Skin, they could appear as very itchy skin, angioedema, and dermatitis atopic- Respiratory tract, take the form of rhinitis (the reaction of the respiratory tract of the inflammation) and asthma- Gastro intestine tract, the example the stomachache, vomited, diarrhea- Cardiovascular system took the form of the anafilactic shock- it also could cause the contraction of the uterus in the woman.
How the process of this food allergy happened?This process generally caused by IgE (some immunoglobulin in the body). Protein antigen (from food) entered the circulation of blood and was spread all through the body. To prevent the immune response to all food that was digested, then was needed by the response that was pressed selectively that was acknowledged also as tolerance. If the process of tolerance (in IgE happened in the cavity in the mouth) this failed, ate antibodies IgE this will be produced excessively, and in a manner the shortness will cause the manifestation to the organ target like that was mentioned above earlier. Almost each food kind had the capacity to provoke the reaction of the allergy. The substance in food that could cause this allergy is called allergen. Allergen could in food take the form of protein that was contained in cattle milk, the egg and peanuts. The cause of the allergy to the adult was the legume, the fish and the shellfish. Whereas the most cause the children allergy was milk, the egg, the legume, the fish and wheat.
Most food allergies will disappear after the sufferer avoided this food and afterwards carried out the reduction (eliminated) food, except the allergy against the legume, the fish and the shellfish that tended to stabilize.
There were some foods that often cause the allergy reaction:1. The egg. It was white that the egg more allergic than the egg yolk. Main allergen in white egg was ovalbumin.2. Milk cattle of the Faction of milk protein especially were casein and whey (beta lactoglobulin, alpha lactalbumin), could provoke the reaction of the allergy.3. MeatThe most are chicken, the turkey and the pig.4. Peanuts possibly were most dangerous food allergen, his reaction could take the form of anafilactic. However peanut oil that was purified was safe for the person that the peanuts allergy.5. FishFish that could cause the allergy is Codfish that had allergen Gad c1, but several species of the other fish also had similar allergen. Antigens were susceptible to the manipulation and the storage, but not to in tin. Antigens also were easy to be spread to air, the example through the fish smell that was cooked, and could provoke the reaction of the respiratory tract allergy. The fish allergy could be also caused by direct contact with skin take the form of dermatitis contact.6. VegetableIt happened to the adult. Several vegetables that could cause the allergy are celery and carrots.7. FruitsApple is the cause of the reaction of the allergy to the fruit that most often. The other that also could become the cause of the allergy was peach, melon, the watermelon, bananas, the kiwi and the avocado.
Therapy or the handling from the food allergy was by avoiding cause food. The drug could with giving of the antihistamine and if necessary corticosteroid. Whereas, they could be given epinephrine/adrenalin in anafilactic reaction.

Friday, 16 January 2009


Soft drink is the drink that containing water, sweetener, acid (citrate/ phosphor), etc. This drink is so popular and consumed by every part of people. But, do you know that soft drink have many effects for our health?

Some effects that can be appeared in our body are:

1. Dent caries. Soft drink can damage the surface of our teeth. It may be because of the ingredients of sugar or acidity (pH). It usually happen in children.

2. Obesity. The experimental tell us that soft drink can make us overweight and it have correlation with metabolic syndrome. More soft drink we take, higher the stage of obesity. Obesity is the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Drink a glass soft drink can increase the risk of diabetes about 85%.

3. Osteoporosis. Soft drinks have low calcium that can influence the onset of osteoporosis, especially on woman. If we take the soft drink often, it can decrease the possibility to drink milk everyday.

4. Kidney stone

5. Heart disease. The causes of heart disease are high fat diet, smoking, sedentary life style, high sugar diet.

6. The effect of addicting agent that added to this drink.



“An apple a day keeps the doctor away. ” Although apples had low vitamin C, apples contain antioxidant and flavonoid that could increase the activity of vitamin C so as it can be reduce the risk of the colon cancer, the heart attack and the stroke. Moreover apples also had the anti-cancer material and anti-inflammation so as to be useful for preventing arthritis.


Tiny but mighty. Kiwi was the source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E and very good fibre. Kiwi also had the content of vitamin C twice more than the citrus fruit. The kiwi contained the chlorophyll pigment that gave the green colour. Its content was useful in overcoming cancer. Consumming one kiwi has been enough to satisfy the requirement for the adult's vitamin C.


Protective Fruit. This fruit had antioxidant total highest than other. Strawberry also protected the body from the cause of cancer, the obstruction of blood vessels that cause by free radical. As traditional medicine, strawberries were believed as the anti-bacterial agenti and was used as the cleaner of the digestion system.


Coolest Thirst Quencher. It contains 92% water. Often contained glutation that could increase the activity of the immune system. The watermelon also was the source of licopene that could prevent cancer. It also contains vitamin C and potassium.


Pineaple could untangle protein and contained the level of high sugar. Pineapples were often used as the material of the meat softener. Pineapples were the source of vitamin C and fibre. This also was reported could handle stomachache if processed exactly.


Banana was the source of vitamins B6 that was needed to make serotonin in the brain. Serotonin was the hormone that was produced on the brain that had a function of giving the calm feeling, reduced the feeling of being sick, reduced the tension.


Sweetest medicine. Consumed 2 to 4 oranges per day could guard the body from the flu attack, unloaded cholesterol, prevented the occurrence of the kidney stone (because of the its citrate content, and prevented the risk of the occurrence of colon cancer. The orange fruit could be an anti-oxidant and reduced blood pressure.


As same as the orange fruit, mangoes also contained antioxidant and had a function of protecting the body towards several cancer like intestines cancer. Mangoes also including rich fibre and vitamin C.


Top awards for vitamin C. Guavas were rich in fibre so that it could prevent the constipation. Whereas papayas contain carotene that was good for your eyes.


These are 10 tips that we could do for our better healthy life.

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Beside they keep our metabolism, it also make our kidney clean.

2. Defecation routinely.

3. Keep our body clean.

4. Sleep well. Bad sleep quality and quantity make our mind couldn’t think well. It also make us have a migraine. Sleep at least 6 hours per day.

5. Take some physical exercises minimal twice a week.

6. Keep our food healthy. Increase our vegetables and fruits meals and decrease fat. They make our body healthy, prevent cholesterol and heart disease.

7. Check up! Visit your dentist or doctor to make sure that your body is healthy.

8. Love your eyes. Taking a lot of time facing the computer, reading to much in low quality lightening make your eyes tired.

9. Don’t smoking. If we are passive smoker, avoid smoke with a mask.

10. Avoid stress, think positively and patient in every situation.