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Monday, 19 January 2009


Food was one of the causes of the allergy that was received in the community. The allergic situation personally more often was found in children's period, but a small part could be found to the mature population.
Not all the reactions of food that was not wanted by us were food allergy, but sometimes the reaction of food may happen. The reaction of this food could take the form of the toxic reaction, for example food poisoning in meat that was contaminated, or the toxic reaction. The food allergy was the abnormal response to food because of the immune reaction. This food allergy could manifest to one or several target organs, such as:- Skin, they could appear as very itchy skin, angioedema, and dermatitis atopic- Respiratory tract, take the form of rhinitis (the reaction of the respiratory tract of the inflammation) and asthma- Gastro intestine tract, the example the stomachache, vomited, diarrhea- Cardiovascular system took the form of the anafilactic shock- it also could cause the contraction of the uterus in the woman.
How the process of this food allergy happened?This process generally caused by IgE (some immunoglobulin in the body). Protein antigen (from food) entered the circulation of blood and was spread all through the body. To prevent the immune response to all food that was digested, then was needed by the response that was pressed selectively that was acknowledged also as tolerance. If the process of tolerance (in IgE happened in the cavity in the mouth) this failed, ate antibodies IgE this will be produced excessively, and in a manner the shortness will cause the manifestation to the organ target like that was mentioned above earlier. Almost each food kind had the capacity to provoke the reaction of the allergy. The substance in food that could cause this allergy is called allergen. Allergen could in food take the form of protein that was contained in cattle milk, the egg and peanuts. The cause of the allergy to the adult was the legume, the fish and the shellfish. Whereas the most cause the children allergy was milk, the egg, the legume, the fish and wheat.
Most food allergies will disappear after the sufferer avoided this food and afterwards carried out the reduction (eliminated) food, except the allergy against the legume, the fish and the shellfish that tended to stabilize.
There were some foods that often cause the allergy reaction:1. The egg. It was white that the egg more allergic than the egg yolk. Main allergen in white egg was ovalbumin.2. Milk cattle of the Faction of milk protein especially were casein and whey (beta lactoglobulin, alpha lactalbumin), could provoke the reaction of the allergy.3. MeatThe most are chicken, the turkey and the pig.4. Peanuts possibly were most dangerous food allergen, his reaction could take the form of anafilactic. However peanut oil that was purified was safe for the person that the peanuts allergy.5. FishFish that could cause the allergy is Codfish that had allergen Gad c1, but several species of the other fish also had similar allergen. Antigens were susceptible to the manipulation and the storage, but not to in tin. Antigens also were easy to be spread to air, the example through the fish smell that was cooked, and could provoke the reaction of the respiratory tract allergy. The fish allergy could be also caused by direct contact with skin take the form of dermatitis contact.6. VegetableIt happened to the adult. Several vegetables that could cause the allergy are celery and carrots.7. FruitsApple is the cause of the reaction of the allergy to the fruit that most often. The other that also could become the cause of the allergy was peach, melon, the watermelon, bananas, the kiwi and the avocado.
Therapy or the handling from the food allergy was by avoiding cause food. The drug could with giving of the antihistamine and if necessary corticosteroid. Whereas, they could be given epinephrine/adrenalin in anafilactic reaction.

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