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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Help! I’m forgetful.

Most of us, sometimes, are forgetful. This condition could happens because of depression, stress, thyroid disturbance, alcohol consume, drugs, or lack of sleep. In many cases, memories could better again after the causes healed.

These are some tips that could help us to solve that condition:
1. Sleep well at the night, physical exercises routinely, include eat fresh fruit (orange), cereal, vegetable, and beans.
2. Don’t confusing your memory problem. Anxiety and unconfident will make it worse. Organize yourself.
3. Exercising your brain with some quiz. Reading book or newspaper would be better than watching television.
4. Make your own notes in calendar, diary and bring those. Put your important things, ex. Keys and glasses in their place.
5. Don’t drink too much or use narcotics.
6. Examine your visual sight and hearing.

If there are some other symptoms, like confuse, intelligent decrease, or personality changes, it may be symptoms of dementia.

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