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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Common cold

Common cold is the communicable disease that could be happens and epidemic in winter. It caused by viral and contaminate people when coughing, and direct contact with infectious people. In 24-48 hours after infection, we suddenly have fever, cough, headache, stiff, tired, eye and sore inflammation.
Things that we can do:
1. Take a rest for a few days. Avoid unnecessary activities.
2. Drink water and juice more. If we don’t want to eat, eat some nutritional food, like soup.
3. Use some drugs to decrease the stiffness and pain, like parasetamol or ibuprofen.
4. To make our respiration tract free from mucous, we could inhale steam.
5. Hot drink could help us to decrease sore inflammation. We can try to make drink from honey and lemonade.
6. Don’t smoking and don’t let other people smoking beside us.

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