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Thursday, 26 February 2009


Bowel habit could be vary, some twice a day, but other twice a week. Most of us have routinely habit. But, some other people have problem in it, constipation. It because of low fiber diet, less drink, inactive life style, and neglect it. The symptoms are puffed up, nausea and cramps in stomach.

These tips maybe could help us:
1. Consuming laxative food, ex. prune. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast. Drink water more while breakfast could stimulate intestine.
2. Drink minimal 8 glass of water or juice per day. Stop tea, coffee, sugar and coke that make you dehydration.
3. Do some physical exercise, 20-30 minutes, like jogging, bike, swimming as activities to stimulate gastro intestinal tract.
4. If those couldn’t help, try to use fiber supplement.
5. In serious condition, use laxative stimulant.

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