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Sunday, 11 October 2009

29 Tips To Stay Young and Healthy

1.Eat Super Food
If you want to keep young and healthy, then the advice from researchers are: Eat Super Food! Super Food is food you make from fresh ingredients; berries, fruit and vegetables, salmon and other fat fish, bird and game, nuts, red wine and green tea.

2.Give your lungs a challenge
Frequent exercise increases lung capacity with up to 25 per cent.

3.Put the cigarette out
If you smoke: put it out now!

4.Become aware of your breath
Breathe with your stomach – ideally is 12-14 deep breaths per minute.

5.Keep your weight
It is a burden for your joints to carry too many kilos

6.Eat breakfast
A good and fibre healthy breakfast.

7.Build up musculature
A study of men between 60-72 years show that they have doubled the muscle strength by frequent exercise in 12 weeks.

8.Enjoy your sex life
Scottish researchers have proved that regular sex – three to four times a week – releases substances from your brain which slows down aging.

9.Check your posture
You can better our posture through exercise as yoga or Pilates.

10.Fill up the oil
The best oil for the body is fat fish, walnuts and linseeds.

11.Check for rust treatment
The best treatment for your body is green tea, nuts, berries, fruit and green vegetables, dark chocolate, red wine, red meat and Soya.

12.Stay away from bad diets
Milk, plus fat fish is important to maintain healthy and strong bones.

13.Enjoy the sun
The body needs sun to produce vitamin D, some researchers recommend you take a few minutes under a sun bed frequently in the winter.

14.Drink water
Drink at least eight glasses of clean water a day. Check your urine - It should be clear. If it is yellow, then that indicates that you do not drink enough.

15.Go for a walk
Frequent walk reduces the risk of developing osteoporoses.

16.Strengthen your heart
Eat food that is rich on vitamin B, magnesium and Zink, as meat, fish, egg and milk. Other protective food is carrots, cabbage, avocado, nuts, garlic and wholemeal.

17.Watch your blood pressure
Remember salt, overweight and stress increases the risk of high blood pressure, while exercise, a healthy diet and distension reduces it.

18.Check the heart
Go to your doctor for a yearly check up.

19.Don’t stress
People who stress have three times as much risk of developing heart illnesses at a young age, according to American study.

20.Use sun cream
It is important to use sun cream with a high UVA factor. And remember that sun cream is fresh, so invest in a new one for each new season.

21.Reduce sugar intake
If you have to have something sweet, then dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa beans is preferred.

22.Have your beauty sleep
You should sleep a minimum of seven hours a night.

23.Give the skin nutrition
Use a lotion that contains vitamin A, C and E. From the inside nourish your skin by eating fruit, berries and vegetables, salmon and tuna and drink green tea and red wine.

24.Prioritize your body’s need
Divide 24hours in three eight hours batches, one for work, one for recreation and one for rest.

25.Plan your day
Think and plan today for tomorrow. Shop food for several days ahead and plan food preparation, meals and exercise.

26.Look after your teeth
Brush your teeth twice a day and avoid too much coffee, tea and red wine. Use dental floss daily.

27.Keep in shape
Your body is not made to doze off on the sofa! Get up and out to be active.

28.Think positive
The expert’s advice is that you every day thinks of something you are grateful for. It creates positively which makes you happy and younger.

29.Mental maintenance
According to a Swedish study you increase the risk of dementia with 30% if you spend too much time in front of the television.

Enjoy a young and healthy life!


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