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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Quit Smoking

Tobacco is a killer. If you smoke, you're more likely to develop disease and die earlier than if you don't smoke.

Take that first step: Decide to quit smoking and set a stop date. And then take advantage of the multitude of resources available to help you successfully quit smoking.

The second item on your quit-smoking action plan? Plan for challenges. For example, make a list of high-risk places — and do your best to avoid them. Instead, try places where smoking isn't allowed, such as a museum or movie theater.

But living smoke-free doesn't mean living stress-free. In fact, smokers often cite stress as a reason for relapsing. As a smoker you used nicotine to cope with stress. Now you must learn new ways to cope. Be proactive. Learn about stress management online or at the library. For more help, talk with your doctor or a mental health provider.

The most important thing to quit smoking is your desire.

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